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Find new and pre-owned software from renowned software companies

If your company or public body is planning to purchase software, we would be happy to inform you about the various licensing options. We deal in volume licences, OEM software and boxed versions, both new and pre-owned.

By purchasing pre-owned licenses, you could drastically reduce your IT costs and find the ideal software that creates the greatest possible added value for your company. If you haven’t ruled out buying pre-owned licenses, we can offer you a wide range of current and older versions, even if they are no longer available from the manufacturer. As a buyer, you too are entitled to ongoing updates. This means your software will remain up-to-date within the confines of the version purchased, ensuring optimum compatibility.


The requirements for computer applications are as diverse as the companies that use them. LizenzDirekt can also provide you with an all-in-one package that is tailored to your needs. As a dealer, LizenzDirekt is your ideal partner; we deal in volume licenses, OEM software and boxed versions, both new and pre-owned. We draw from our comprehensive stock of products to provide you with a package that precisely fits the infrastructure of your company. This allows you to save on unnecessary costs and significantly reduce your IT budget. Buying software licenses from LizenzDirekt is quick and easy.


Sell your licenses to LizenzDirekt and convert your investment into cash

There are numerous reasons why business IT becomes obsolete. These include system changes, mergers and divisions of companies, discontinuation of operations and even bankruptcy. It is easy to convert unused licenses into liquidity, thereby topping up your IT budget. In such cases, selling your software license is the best solution.

There is a lucrative market for accumulated software licenses, and it is growing exponentially. We give you access to this market by purchasing your software collections at attractive prices. In this way, we can help you turn your investment into cash. We also offer special services for companies with particular requirements, for example collecting societies and insolvency administrators.

Leitfaden Grundsätze der Beschaffung gebrauchter Software-Lizenzen


If you, your Management Board or your legal department wish to learn more about the current legal situation, we recommend the following publication by the German publisher ‘Behörden Spiegel’, which is relevant to public bodies and businesses alike:

  • Principles governing the procurement of used software licences by public contracting authorities
  • In our opinion this has been by far the best set of guidelines on dealing in pre-owned software in Europe for many years.
  • Available to download online from the guidelines page of the Behörden Spiegel (already in its 2nd updated edition published in three languages)


Do you have questions about license sales? Would you like an initial consultation to receive an offer? We are happy to answer your questions and guide you through your concerns.

Janine Rimmel

Certified Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)
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Over the past 10 years, a growing number of companies, public bodies and organisations have been taking the opportunity to significantly reduce their IT costs by using a mixture of new and pre-owned software.

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Do you have questions about pre-owned software? Would you like to find out more about selling your surplus software licenses? Or do you want to purchase affordable software licenses?

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